Still using diesel Pumps?

It seems the people in the US who are fracking gas are only just catching on to the cheap price of their own product.

It seems the the engines they use to pump the fracking fluids into the hole are driven by diesel.  Now as an engineer, I am sure the pressures required to frack rock are quite high, so the power required to drive the pumps will be enormous.


This can only mean a large volume of diesel being required. So why are they only just thinking about running the pumps on the gas they produce?

Read more about it at the Wall Street Journal

Funny old world!

The Process of Extracting Shale Gas

Shale gas extraction is a sophisticated process, involving a large volume of skilled and experienced labour, specialist suppliers and costly capital equipment.

This report provides a very basic summary of the procedures and timelines
involved in drilling, fracturing and then harvesting shale gas. The process will differ to some extent between an exploration well and full commercial extraction, although the basic principles remain the same. We comment on these differences below, which revolve primarily on the degree of testing and analysis that is required and amount of fracturing.