The Energy Economy. Why its not about money.

I read a lovely article, about how the economy should not be seen as a monetary one, but an energy one.  Its right of course.  What has powered the industrial revolution ? Its not money, it is energy.

If you want to appreciate how much power there is an a gallon a petrol, fill the car with 1 gallon, drive it until it runs out, and then push it home.  You will need some help, and it will probably take several weeks.

That is just an illustration.  But I think it works well.  The Government just prints more money if it needs it. The volume of money in the world has been going up and up, but to give us the “Better” quality of life, we need energy.  Energy for the tractors to till the soil, so we have time to watch films, play, go on holiday, have warm houses, fly, buy more clothes than we can possibly wear, energy to deliver all these things in hugh trucks, ships and planes.

I will try and find the article, it was online. Superb. It made the point that society as we know it is bound to collapse, if the cost of energy goes up. So Shale gas, is just a way of holding off the inevitable.

But if we can get more time, we need it.  And we need to be pumping as much effort as we can into sustainable energy.

So for England shale gas is essential. Lets hope we do not squander it the way we have squandered North Sea Oil.



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